Growth Modulation Therapy

Keep your child’s Jaw away from overgrowth or undergrowth

Growth modulation is a procedure done usually for children within 9 years of age where dental appliances are used to sculpt and mould the bones and faces of children. This technique allows the child’s jaw to reach into a natural favourable position.

The Earlier the Better

Perform this procedure in your child at the earliest in order to prevent deformities like underbites and overbites and undergoing orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery in the later stage of life.

Our Pediatric Dental Specialist at ORAL TECH Dental Speciality Clinic is well experienced to carry out this procedure among children.

It would be great to approach them and get your child’s facial growth under control in the earlier stage and gift them with a natural and beautiful face and smile.

Growth Modulation Therapy in Trivandrum, orthodontic treatment

Indication for Growth Modulation Therapy

Growth modulation effectively treats dental malocclusions in children, including:

In this condition the top front teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth, resulting in abnormal tongue placement.

In this condition the lower jaw extends out past the top front teeth, affecting the facial shape and obstructing the speech

In this condition, the top and bottom anterior teeth don’t touch each other when the mouth is closed

In this condition the upper teeth fit inside of lower teeth, impacting facial symmetry.

In this condition, the teeth will not have enough space to grow leading to overcrowded growth and becoming crooked, overlapped and rotated.

Growth Modulation Therapy in Trivandrum, orthodontic treatment

Best time to undergo Growth Modulation Therapy

Best time to guide jaw growth in boys, 9-16 years and for Girls, 8-15 years.

Before your child reaches puberty (before the age of 9 years) as guidance of jaw growth can be best carried out at this age.

Result of Dental Malocclusion in Children

Our Growth Modulation Dental Specialist will certainly help with your child’s dental malocclusions, furthermore help your child with guidance for jaw formation and teeth eruption to reduce the need of orthodontic treatment in the later phase of life.

Benefits for Growth Modulation Therapy


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