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Laser Dentistry In Trivandrum
With Laser Technology, A Step Towards the Future

In the world of dentistry, laser technology has been a ground-breaking innovation. With the aid of this cutting-edge technology, every patient will have a relaxing dental visit. We are one of the only facilities in the state to use lasers for these complex and safe treatments.

Dental lasers’ accuracy enables us to target very specific locations with gentle treatment without harming the surrounding tissues or increasing post-operative discomfort. Many dental procedures, including frenectomy, gum contouring, crown lengthening, enamel shaping, tooth preparation, and root canal treatments, are carried out using lasers.

Our dentists and dental specialists in Trivandrum can offer minimally invasive, cutting-edge care solutions for people from all walks of life by utilizing the most recent dental laser technology.

Laser dentistry is very secure and efficient. We can treat both hard and soft tissues with medical-grade dental lasers, providing a choice of therapies with superior outcomes and quicker healing times.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a type of dental treatment that uses a laser to remove or reshape tissues in the mouth. A variety of conditions, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral tumors can be treated with laser treatment. It is often used in combination with other dental treatments, such as traditional surgery or braces.

Laser Treatment can be used to remove tooth decay without drilling or filling the cavity. This can help preserve the healthy parts of the tooth and reduce the risk of infection. It Can also be used to improve the appearance of gums by reducing inflammation and removing excess tissue. In some cases, laser dentistry can be used to remove oral tumours without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser dentistry is generally safe and effective.

Laser Dentistry in Trivandrum

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry has many benefits, including:

What Types of Procedures Can Be Done With Lasers?

Laser dentistry is a type of dental procedure that uses lasers to remove or treat oral tissue. There are many different types of procedures that can be done with lasers, including:

Cavity removal

Lasers can be used to remove cavities and decay from teeth. This type of procedure is often used in children, as it is less invasive than traditional methods.

Tooth whitening

By breaking down stains and discolouration, lasers can be used to whiten teeth. This type of procedure is safe and effective and can be performed in a single office visit.

Gum surgery

Lasers can be used to treat gum disease by removing infected tissue and promoting healing. This type of procedure is often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as scaling and root planning.


Biopsies of oral tissue are taken with lasers, which can be helpful in diagnosing cancer or other conditions.

For Grin makeovers & improvements

Gum recontouring when too much gum is evident when smiling.

The use of a Laser in dental treatments also helps to immediately reduce the discomfort brought on by diseased or irritated dental tissue, treat infections during root canal treatments, and treat cracked teeth beneath the gum line.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry at Oral Tech

Laser dentistry has many advantages over traditional dentistry.

Less invasive

there is less pain and discomfort for the patient

More precisely

the dentist can target specific areas of the mouth with the laser and not damage other areas.


 the procedure can be completed in a shorter amount of time and the patient can get back to their normal activities quicker.


There is no need for anaesthesia or other drugs that can have side effects.


It requires less time & costs less money.

Laser dentistry is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your smile
& boost your confidence.


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